Brands: Get Off the Google+ Fence

by casshallacker

@SearchMojo Infographic

SearchMojo has provided some awesome tips for businesses on the fence about Google+ above, but there are some other reasons I’d consider below, they have an impressive resource section here. Thanks to them for creating this concise, spot-on graphic that should get you leaning to one side.

8. Edit with ease

One thing I love for myself, but even more-so for brands, is the fact that you can edit your Google+ posts. You can’t do this on Facebook. If you’ve just created a beautiful post with witty copy, a perfect visual and appropriate attribution but used your instead of you’re-all good! Google+ has an edit button that allows you to update these common mistakes. This is awesome for community managers, saves time and allows brands or services to consistently share correct information.

9. Circle for relevance 

If you’re like me, you got into Google+ without truly realizing the potential of Circles.  Because many businesses are in the early stages or even just getting started, I want to shout it from the rooftops: Use your circles! Organize your advocates, customers + users into circles that ultimately help your brand or company get them the best information or content for them. Too often, we aren’t considering the end-user despite the fact that we know we can be successful by giving them what they want. Google is giving brands an amazing tool here that needs to be utilized to it’s full potential for improved relevance which will ultimately leads to more +1′s, comments and shares. This is a great way to also reward advocates or influencers with exclusive content or recognition. Circle up, brands!

10. Hangout with your customers

You don’t hear ‘focus group’ too frequently anymore, but there is a way to get some of those brand-changing benefits from actually hanging out with your customers or users. Hangout with specific circles, random followers or page guests. Do Q+A’s, FAQ’s or exclusive talks or announcements.  I love the idea of tying hangouts into an ambassador program. If you’re brand has recruitment as a top priority, open up the floor to some potential employees and talk about the industry to really get to know them. If your goal is outreach or product review, send it to them with an invite to a product feedback session. Hangouts have a limited capacity, but can be used in so many ways with huge benefits. If you’re asking for customer opinions or feedback, be sure to give them a reason to help your brand improve, as well all know a t-shirt goes a long way.

Obviously, there are many opinions about Google+ and its success or usage, one thing is for sure though, if anyone has the power and resources to make it work, Google does. I don’t think it’s in a brand’s best interest to ignore it. Overall, when we shift the thinking to what’s in it for my users or customers, social channels just start to make far more sense for the brand + the user.

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