Pinterest: A Man’s Best Friend?

by casshallacker

Buying gifts can be hard- let’s face it. Most of us can honestly say that we’re happy with whatever we received from loved ones, after-all, it is certainly the thought that counts. That being said- there are many boyfriends, husbands and  fathers who put a great deal of time and thought into their choices. These thoughtful men expect a beaming smile when the wrapping paper hits the floor, and rightfully so! This was your year, right guys? Wrong. The truth is, women are hard to buy gifts for. If you think about it, 9 times out of 10, we aren’t even sure about our own purchases- you’ve been there when we were trying to decide, and it wasn’t pretty. Well gentleman, 2013 is your year, because buying gifts for the ladies in your life is likely easier than ever.



Check out what’s she’s ‘pinned’ lately. According to Wired, 1 in 5 women are using Pinterest, and we can’t get enough.  It may be as easy as finding the ‘Wishlist’ board, lucky you. If not, it’s likely you still won’t have to look around long. Set on jewelry? Look for a board that says just that- trust me, it’s probably there. It’s also likely that there is a purse or bag board, a shoe board and much more. From diamonds to kitchen-gadgets, women are pinning their most desired products, why not use that to your advantage?

Sometimes, there will be a link that brings you straight to the product. If there isn’t don’t fret, just move onto plan b, you now have a perfect examples to guide you in the buying process. Use Pinterest boards to identify a patterns, styles and brands that are sure to please!

What she likes on Facebook

What does she ‘like’- Facebook knows.

Another helpful social channel to research is one you may be more familiar with. Facebook makes it easy to know what she ‘likes’. This network can point you to exact products like this one in ‘recent activity’, but it will also point you to causes, movies, authors, restaurants, gyms and brands to stick with. Whether it be a giftcard to a salon or donation in her name to a cause near to her heart, so it helps to do a little ‘stalking’.

For a while now, I’ve brainstormed an app that sends guys social signals for gift buying. This would be great because it’s problem-solver, but it also provides an awesome customer experience while gaining the trust and loyalty of husbands and boyfriends everywhere- talk about building life-long relationships. It could be integrated with e-mail very nicely too with reminders for birthdays, anniversaries etc. I digress. Overall there are two wins  to doing a little social research, 1. she’ll really feel like you’ve been paying attention to what she likes and 2. you’re likely to not have to hand over the gift receipt.

I should add that this idea crosses gender and relationship lines. I’ve talked about boyfriends and husbands, but anyone can use these tricks to identify great gift ideas all year-round. Other tricks you use? I’d love to hear about them and add them here.

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